A Ridiculously Premature Steeplechase Saturday Forecast

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Tonight Clear – 10 PM 64

SundaySunny, Breezy– Wake up 54, High 84

From @superchikk:

A bit breezy, with winds 10 to 15 mph.

Monday Sunny, A Bit Hot– Wake up 59, High 85

Extended Forecast:

Entirely-Too-Early-To-Be-Meaningful Steeplechase Forecast

Y’all are talking about it, and asking me about it, so although there’s no reason to panic over a six-day forecast, let’s all panic over the six day forecast!

First, a PSA: Please, no fighting this year.

Since 1980, average rainfall on May 10 is 0.08″.  That’s tied for the second driest day in May. You can think that’s good, or you can think “uh oh, we’re due for rain.”

Our local NWS office is thinking rain:

The GFS model agrees: Rain.

I’m not allowed to show you the European model, but I’ve looked at it, and it says we’ll see almost a half inch of rain Saturday.

I can’t find any data to support a dry Saturday. However, remember last year. It looked like rain for several days leading up to Steeplechase, and it ended up being pretty nice.

Many times, model runs depicting conditions 168 hours away are

We’ll update you daily through the week.

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