Heavy Rain, Freezing Line, & Maybe Some Sunshine?

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Thanks for letting me talk to you about the weather today! My name is Hannah Strong, and I am a Meteorology major at Mississippi State University. I am so thankful for the opportunity to help you figure out what is going on in the weather. Now, on to the good stuff!

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As the title says, it’ll be mostly cloudy tomorrow, but there is a chance we could see some sunshine. First we need to get through the rest of this rain, and hope the freezing line stays to our NW (it should, keep reading).

Tonight  Rain, Thunderstorm or Two

6p 38 . 9p 35 . Wednesday 12a 34 . 3a 33

Thunder? Don’t let the word “thunderstorms” scare you.  There is only a small chance of a rumble of thunder tonight. No severe weather is expected.  The worst you can expect tonight is for the wind to pick up a little bit.

Ice? The main concern is the freezing line. Temps have been running a bit colder than forecast, but not by much.

Radar as of 4:40 PM shows the freezing line set up NW of us:

NWS thinks this line will remain mostly stationary. We should remain on the “warm” side. Ice impacts are not expected in Nashville, but, of course, the NWS is always watching, and David & Will are talking to them.

There’s a Winter Storm Warning and Winter Weather Advisory to our NW:

Flooding. We will see a lot of rain tonight. We need to watch out for some flash flooding in low-lying areas and those places especially prone to flooding. As this map shows, flash flooding is possible.

Click here to monitor local rivers/creeks/stream levels.

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Wednesday – Early Rain/Flurries, Then Dry & Cold – Morning Low 32, Afternoon High 36
6a 33 . 9a 34 . 12p 35 . 3p 36 . 6p 32 . 9p 29
Rain chances will continue until 6 AM. A cold front will sweep away most of the rain, drop us at/below freezing, and yes, it’s possible a post-front flurry could be squeezed out of the sky. No accumulation is expected. Although it will stay mostly cloudy, we do have the chance to finally see some…get ready…SUNSHINE!

Things will get pretty cold Wednesday night (we’re talking a low of 24), so you might want to leave your pipes dripping and bring outdoor pets inside for the night.

Thursday – Mostly Cloudy, Dry & Cold – Morning Low 24 / Afternoon High 30
Just to give you a heads up as you start to plan your weekend: there is a pretty good possibility of snow and rain beginning Friday night. Snow and rain chances continue until Sunday night. Weather models disagree on the type of precip we will see. Just something to look forward to!
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