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Dreary Day, Rain Continues Tonight Through Tomorrow Morning

Today and tomorrow morning will likely be those weather days where you just want to stay in bed all day.

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But for the majority of us, that won’t be an option. Luckily today you should make it through the entire morning and early part of the afternoon without any heavy rainfall.

Current satellite imagery shows clouds throughout the region with the majority being to our South.

These clouds will continue to push Northward through the day.

So about our rain chances. We could begin to see spotty showers by this afternoon, but we think the majority will hold off until the early evening hours.

This is how the HRRR thinks today and into tonight will play out. This particular run currently extends through 2 AM Tuesday.

We could get a few rumbles of thunder overnight, but we are not expecting any severe weather.

Expect for your AM commute tomorrow to be wet. Showers will likely stick around into the early AM hours. We could get some off and on showers through the remainder of the morning Tuesday. Showers should be out of our area by the lunch hour.

24 Hr Rain Free Block


The rest of our Tuesday, Tuesday Night, and daytime on Wednesday appear to be rain free. If you have anything to do outside, Wednesday appears to be your best day to do so since our high temps will still be in the upper 40s.

Slight Chance of Rain Returning. Will it be Cold Enough for the “S Word” to Fall?


The current short and sweet answer, maybe rain, doubtful on the snow.

Our two forecast models we have been looking at (the Euro and GFS) have still continued their disagreement. Here is what the GFS just showed us getting on the most recent run.

And then the Euro still wants to dump a decent amount of rain on us Thursday morning.

The GFS had been showing showers about 6-12 hour before the Euro for the same rainfall events. Lately though, GFS has seemed unimpressed with the likelihood of us getting any rain.

The bottom line for now is that the best chance for us to see any rainfall would be Thursday morning, but that chance appears to be dwindling everyday. Those north of I-40 could get a few flakes to mix in, but that probability for us is decreasing as well.

Extreme Cool Down By Friday

The main story line to end the week is how cold it will become. Friday morning will be one of those mornings to completely bundle up.

Through the entire day, it is going to be cold. The image below shows you what the forecast temperature (red line) and forecast wind chill (blue line) is expected to be.

Will the temperatures be exactly that value at that time? Probably not, but look at the overall trend in the temperature and wind chill on Friday.


From 5AM to 9 AM when most of us will be leaving the house in the AM, temps will be in the 20s with wind chill in the teens to low 20s. The high for Friday as of right now is 33°.

If you haven’t already pulled out the winter gear, you are going to need it Friday to stay warm.

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