Plan for rain but I think we’ll get both games in.

NWS-Atlanta forecasts drizzly fog south of Atlanta (us) Sunday morning, with a chance (less than 50%) it’ll be actual rain. I think just drizzle/fog.

Drizzle and light off/on rain will continue, and perhaps intensify a bit, after noon and as we get closer to 4 PM. Not that big a deal, but you’ll want a rain jacket with you on the fields.

Sometime after 4 PM, drizzle departs and real rain becomes “likely.” Rain is most likely beginning around 7 PM.

All total, 0.15″ from Sunday morning until early Sunday night, but I think most of that will fall near the end of or after our second game.

That’s probably not enough to rain us out, unless we’re assigned Field 1. It may also convert the end of our second game into a bog, but probably not. I think the heavy stuff will arrive after we’re out of there.

When forecasting a specific field, rain totals can vary wildly — draw a few of those “heavier” light rain cells, and you’ll get more. Less, and you get nothing. Forecast data lacks pinpoint location accuracy (temporal and spatial resolution is only hourly, and 3 km, respectively), despite what your weather app may say.

Our morning game will kickoff with temps around 52°, rising slowly to 60° by noon, high 65°. Humid, of course. Winds light, no more than 6 MPH.

For weather model data supporting the above forecast, keep reading. Otherwise, here comes too much information:

The HRRR model — which I prefer — shows only intermittent light rain during our games. This model doesn’t show drizzle, but it is encouraging if your concern is a rainout. HRRR doesn’t think the real rain begins until Sunday night. Below shows hourly simulated radar from 7 AM Sunday to 1 AM Monday, EST.

The NAM3 model thinks the same thing. Light, intermittent rain in the morning, picking up slightly in the afternoon, steady in the evening. Again, 7 AM Sunday to 1 AM Monday, EST:

The European model — the gold standard — agrees with the above. See below, again from Sunday 7 AM to Monday 1 AM:

With HRRR, NAM3, and Euro aligning, forecast confidence is pretty good.

Obviously, expect rain on the way home, for about half the trip.