Our Interns

Let It Never Be Said We Built This Alone.

We have had help. A lot of help. From smart men and women getting undergrad meteorology degrees or master’s degrees while at Mississippi State.

They put college or grad school on hold several times (or more) per week to dive in to our weather a write long form forecasts read millions of times.

Along the way they suffered my often blunt and hopefully-caring assessments of their writing styles, forecasting themes, and severe/winter weather messaging.

Sometimes I did not like their GIFs. And sometimes I was wrong about that.

I told each of them “writing is a muscle, it improves the more you work it.”

Work it they did. While their classmates played. For no money. They got the experience of real-world forecasting. They adulted in college.

We hoped their work with us would help equip them where-ever they wanted to be in the meteorology community. Turns out they landed in cool places.

We are not responsible for their success. They are. They worked for it, fueling their talent. They had bigger contributions from family, teaches, friends, and mentors. We are only a small part of their success as they chose their career paths.

We are immeasurably pleased to have played a very small part of their success.

The Original, Yasser Kishk

Yassir Kishk: 250 forecasts, 5/2/13 to 10/19/14

Generation 2.0, Bobby McIllece

Bobby McIllece, 220 forecasts, 4/23/14 to 5/3/15

Generation 3.0, Kaiti Blake & Meagan Massey

Kaiti Blake, 137 forecasts, 137 forecasts, 3/8/15 to 3/8/16. Today she’s an on-air meteorologist at KSAT in San Antonio, Texas

Meagan Massey, 83 forecasts, 5/22/15 to 3/6/16. Today’s she’s an on-air meteorologist at KCEN in Waco, Texas.

Generation 4.0

Caroline MacDonald



Brendan Schaper


Generation 5.0

Marti Calhoun


Alex Forbes