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Nashville Friends: supposed to get crazy storms in the middle of the night (possible tornados). Following@NashSevereWx would be smart. (@heathhollensbe)


Follow @NashSevereWx for updates tonight for storms..make it a habit too. They’ve been spot on! (@jbpromo411)


awesome job…right on the money! Thanks to your reports, shut truck down 5 minutes before the downtown deluge. FOLLOW HIM! (@JONBALAYA)


thank you for always keeping us posted! I always tune in during storms & find ur info most dependable! Ur VERY accurate! (@margaretlopez)


thanks for all that you do! I know where to go when bad weather happens, and it’s not the local news 🙂 (@jamienoel) (Thanks Jamie, but you should consult all wx sources, including local news 🙂 )


following @NashSevereWx during bad weather is like holding an angels hand through a car wreck! Check it! (@david_myers)


@NashSevereWx your work last night was much appreciated. you are a nashville treasure, truly. (@eastnashlove)


Hey Nashville tweeters! Want a great feed to follow for severe weather information? @NashSevereWx does a GREAT job. Check ’em out! (@DowntownDental_)


Follow @NashSevereWx for some more…uhhhh… let’s call them “specific” updates than you’ll get from the sirens.(@AirborneGeek)


Thank You for being there! #lifesaver (@jamie0219)


Thanks so much! Your posts are my first go-to, as soon as I hear Vandy’s sirens.(@sbradeen)


Great job today, seriously! (@3HL1045)


I think your twitter feed is the best thing since sliced bread… or live doppler. Either or. 😀 (@casamos)


Worried/Excited about snow? Want the fastest, most effective and reliable weather forecast for Davidson/Williamson? Follow@NashSevereWx



Thanks for keeping us updated on weather in the Metro Davidson Co area! Very impressive and informative! (@NashvFireMedic)


Great job as always! Glad we have you! (@etta64)


Big thanks to @NashSevereWx for tweeting me during church! We ran late, but the dry window held long enough for Hanging of the Greens! (@BelmontUMC)


Best weather guy on Twitter!(@Steve317)


Today is a great day to be following @NashSevereWx, particularly if you didn’t know there’s a (slight) chance of tornadoes today.(@outtheother)


If you live in Williamson or Davidson County and you aren’t following @NashSevereWx, you are doing this all wrong. (@Wingnutz1)


Who’s MWN’s counterpart in Nashville? @NashSevereWx, that’s who! If you have any interest in mid-TN weather, follow him! (@memphisweather1)


Thank you for all you do. You provide excellent wx coverage and it’s a real service to the community. (@BillHirschman)


You’ve made a difference for a lot of people. (@DeborahBarnett)


Thanks Nash keep up the good work (@BoroChaser)


Dude, you give the most complete and accurate weather updates! Much better than any local news team.(@gmoneyindahouze)


Lots of credit to @NashSevereWx for navigating my family out of a squall on our way home.((@CMcCaffrey1)


You guys should seriously follow @NashSevereWx … he is taking local weather to a whole new level, and I encourage you to check it out! (@tempestchasing)


If you need someone to follow on this fine #FF you should make it @NashSevereWx! It’s literally like shaking hands with a Jedi! (@david_myers)


I’m a believer! As an event planner, your services were invaluable! (@lukemyszka)