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Warning! Science coming!

Don’t worry. We are not real scientists. We are scientists the way Jesse Pinkman is a scientist:

Except, what we do is not illegal.

We are these guys:

We take what we do seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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We do weather. Not climate.

What exactly is the difference?


is weather.

Local example: also weather.


is climate.

The media loves to confuse weather with climate.

Think of it this way.

Today’s weather is one grain of sand.

Climate is billions of grains of sand. Climate is the beach.

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, Maui
Siesta Key, Florida

One black grain of sand won’t make Siesta Key black. A white grain of sand won’t make a Black Sand Beach white.

So, snow doesn’t disprove global warming. 70° in February doesn’t prove it, either.

You can talk climate over decades, centuries, millennia.

Or, you can do 3-4 month/seasonal outlooks.

Like this one. In the Fall of 2014, this snowfall outlook for the winter predicted this much snowfall:

Climatology for “normal” means 30 years:

Our last snow > 1″ was February 9, 2011.

Black boxes show the last 1″+ snows we’ve had since 1/1/2011.

Purple circle shows our last 1″+ snow.

Yellow boxes show measurable snowfall in 2015.

We’ve been missing snow.


2/12/14 Snow cover (satellite)

Or, if you prefer jalapenos on your map:

Just This Week:

Behold the Snowdome.

Our current Less Than 1″ streak is pretty unusual.

Middle TN Severe Weather Climatology

20-30 Days of Severe Weather Annually

Tornadoes By Month

Tornadoes By Hour of Day

Percentage of Nocturnal Tornadoes

As I said, we do weather.

What’s happening right now with the weather? That’s simple:

Forecasting the weather is incredibly complex.

The atmosphere often does different things at once. A lot is going on, and it’s always changing.

That information comes from weather balloons launched at 12z (6 AM) and 0z (6 PM) every day.

Lauched from 102 sites (including Nashville) in the US, Caribbean, and the Pacific.

The data is then fed into massive supercomputers which produce models. Because there is very little data to input, the computers have to “solve” the atmospheric dynamics, and predict what will happen next.

Close in time: the models are smart. Far away from time: not so smart.

Some people demand a level of certainty and specificity that exceeds the state of the science. We just aren’t that good.

A forecast — especially a medium range forecast — is an expression of probabilities, not a binary expression of right/wrong. A forecast is like a football game: you don’t know the final score until the end. You wouldn’t say the score at halftime should be the final score. The forecast is telling a story; it does not pay off until the end.

But then the iPhone came along, and the weather community royally screwed up by making what is a complex, changing, and variable forecast a “finished and simple” product. This is a disservice to the public.

Enough of models.

What we do: We “nowcast.”

We’re radar translators.

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We aren’t a business.

We aren’t TDOT.

We aren’t your airline.

We’re just weather nerds, who want to help out.


For Will and Andrew, it was:

For me, it was Katrina:


We may have the answer. Probably.