Bonnaroo ’13 Complete Forecast

Sunday – High 86, Rain Chances Increase Tonight

Rain chances increase tonight, so make sure you’re ready. If we do get enough rain tonight, the farm will be a mud pit.

The HRRR weather models thinks it’ll rain later this afternoon and tonight. Here is what the model predicts at  Sunday 5 PM – Sunday 10 PM :

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Hi-Res NAM weather model  previews what might happen Sunday 8 PM – Monday 5 AM:

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Monday – High 86, Thunderstorms More Likely

Leaving Monday morning may be a challenge if it rained a lot Sunday night. The NWS gives us a 70% chance of showers/thunderstorms hanging around all day.  Travel safely in the rain and storms.

WPC (Weather Prediction Center) total rainfall forecast for the entire country from Sunday 7 AM – Tuesday 1 AM:

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