I always want to win Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville Twitter category. The Scene runs an annual reader’s poll asking for the best local Twitter and I know many of you vote in it. We don’t always win that poll and are really happy when we do.

The Scene has been a friend to us. They throw light on dark places in the weather world, most recently raising awareness of the siren problem that helped spark reform. They ran an article after the March 3 tornado beautifully written by Steve Cavendish that hurts to read. So when the Scene called I said “sure, what do you need?”

They wanted a photo me, Will, and Andrew, but didn’t say what for. I figured it was for their Best of Nashville issue, after what happened March 3.

Real talk, I am struggling a little with Best of Nashville this year. It’s not false humility. I am proud of our work. Will, Andrew, Luke, our interns (past and present), we pour ourselves into @NashSevereWx because we hate storms and we love you guys. I think we did a good job March 3.

That [expletive]ing tornado killed two lovely, irreplaceable people in our city. Three were killed in Wilson and Smith Counties. Nineteen died in Putnam County.

The tornado came like a thief in the night. It destroyed homes and schools and neighborhoods and sent storm anxiety and PTSD through the roof. People lost jobs. A sense of security.

We are still living with the tornado.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine. Emily West. Journalist at The Tennessean.

She’d just won the Public Service Award at the Tennessee Press Association.

Here’s a link to her stories.

She felt conflicted about winning an award for writing about mental health and suicide. Her work covered individual tragedies. Ours covered one huge tragedy. Emily’s work brought attention to her, and our work brought attention to us, and she felt like I do.

Hopelessness sending people into destruction.

Tornado kills people.

Here’s your award.

I did not know Mike and Albree. We heard from their friends who suffered through the horror of what happened to them at Attaboy.

We can’t fix it.

And I don’t, not even for a second, want to take a public victory lap. But I also hold close the kind response and lovely feedback we’ve seen, felt, and heard from y’all. Annakate Ross, we hear you. Tornado survivors, we are so happy you’re physically OK. You are such an encouragement. Thank you, Nashville Scene, thank you, Steve Cavendish, thank you, reader, for following, voting.

That was very nice of you.

But then I think of Mike and Albree and all of you suffering post storm anxiety and loss and more than anything else I just want to stand in the rubble with all of you, to love you and say [expletive] that storm.

You are loved. You are valuable.