Best of Nashville

In this year’s Best of Nashville issue, we appeared in the “Best Twitter” category.

The Nashville Scene article (written by Jim Ridley), is very kind (and thanks so much for being so good to us).

It’s important that I mention those without whom @NashSevereWx would not exist.

First, there is no way @NashSevereWx would be well over 16,000 followers and a website with over 100,000 web hits this year without Will Minkoff. Will and I went from complete strangers to doing @NashSevereWx together. He runs #tSpotter and fills in for me when I’m at work or with the family. He does not get thanked enough.

Second, my wife and kids (and Will’s wife and kids) have doled out ample patience, love, and support to allow us to permit the weather to dictate our schedules.

Third, our local NWS office, led by Larry Vannozzi and Tom Johnstone. A few years ago, they had the courage to give us access and the vision to see what this could become. The men and women at our NWS are loyal public servants who care about you. This would not happen without them.

Then there are those who give us encouragement. You know who you are, but let me mention a few of you.

  • When you start something like this, there is some fear involved. @JonAcuff taught me to just go for it.
  • Chris Veal has been a friend and a real support to us (he also did a great job remodeling our house, hit him up that link).
  • Our friends (who always tell me the truth about what I’m doing) have been a constant support, especially my cool friends, notably @TheSirenofSL (she can sing, y’all).
  • The local weather media (2, 4, 5, and 17), and even some weather legends (@spann and @kevinselle), welcomed us into the weather community.

The truth, though, is that this isn’t about Will or me or anyone else. @NashSevereWx and #tSpotter is (cliche alert!) about all of you. God forbid we get another big storm, but if (and probably when) we do, your reports of severe weather to the NWS via #tSpotter, your retweets, and your mentions provide information important to the safety of our community.

Last, and least, is The Intern. He’s the perpetually (and jokingly) hazed @yakishk, who writes most of the blog posts I have the privilege of editing. He’s a senior broadcast meteorology major at Mississippi State. In all seriousness, he does good work, and is hopefully coming soon to a T.V. job near you.

Will and I only cover Davidson & Williamson Counties. Let me plug the others who are doing this for our surrounding counties: @RuthSevereWx@WilsonSevereWx@SumnerSevereWx, @RobCoSevereWx@DicksonSevereWx@CheathmSevereWx. If you live out that way, give them a follow, and a thanks.