Year in Photos, July-Dec 2014

July 1. Bent Creek in Nolensville, from @brianhill1:

July 9. The Intern 2.0 on his Apology Watering Tour:

July 30. Sharknado2! From @scoutfinch:


August 8. Greer Stadium, we’ll miss you. But we won’t miss this, from @ZachTN:

August 17. Summer thunder freaking out @rjb37066’s dog:

August 20. Shelf cloud in Nashville, coming at the camera, from @deppisch:

Another shot, from @SolimaniKnows:

August 28. The storm that sat on the Vandy & Titans Thursday night games, and Would. Not. Move. From @tvs7:

September 5. Rain shaft from pop-up storm, west of downtown Nashville, from @kdwylie:

September 18. Murica

October 6. Wall Cloud near Independence HS on 840 south of Franklin from @jam911:

Later that night, looking south from Franklin:

October 7. From @fordfairchild, on Love Circle:

October 9. The Big Shelf Cloud.

From @pbethancourt:

From @Saylors228:

From @Thcato:

October 10. This had our attention.

October 13. Tornado-Warned storm approaching SW Williamson Co. (system produced a tornado to our NW):

October 23. The Eclipse. Well, partial solar eclipse.

October 24. The Intern 2.0 (right) helping the The Intern (left) move to Rapid City SD to start his new TV meteorology job.

October 29. We did it!

November 7. Now happening at 5:17 PM. Does anyone love standard time? Anyone?

November 12. @JMPres illustrating the sum of all fears:

November 24. Looking west from downtown:

December 18 (@AndrewLeeper) The SnowDome wobbled, but held. Almost freezing rain at 827 feet.

December 20. From @MissMandyHale: